Most Trusted Partner in Medical Office Administration Solutions

Most Trusted Partner in Medical Office Administration Solutions

Aegis empowers medical practices to thrive by streamlining operations and maximizing profitability. We combine expertise to help physicians connect with patients and empower medical businesses to focus on care. We handle charting, billing, credentialing, and compliance, boosting cash flow and patient satisfaction. By embracing AI and advanced analytics, we tackle inefficient billing and lost revenue, ensuring financial health for healthcare organizations.

9 AAPC Certifications: Accelerate Your Reimbursement Cycle
HIPAA & OIG Compliant: Mitigate Risk & Ensure Data Security

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Watch our quick demos to learn how features like seamless claims reporting, streamlined data access, and automated posting can make medical billing and administrative tasks easier.

Who Leverages Aegis’ Certified Professionals?

Unlike other RCM solutions, Aegis is different. We exactly tout what works!

Aegis adapts to changing payment models, policies, and payers. Our time-tested approach guarantees a 10% increase in cash flow, setting us apart with steady results.

Our expertise spans a wide range of specialties and healthcare provider types, giving us an unmatched depth and breadth of experience. We have collaborated with a diverse array of clients, from hospitals and physician practices to diagnostic centers, skilled nursing facilities, and beyond. This extensive exposure equips us with a comprehensive understanding of various specialties, enabling us to rapidly tailor our solutions and deliver successful outcomes designed to your specific RCM requirements.

  • Office-Based Physician Groups
  • Hospital-Based Physician Groups
  • Enterprise-Physician Groups

And much more…

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Aegis Success Stats
250 +
Healthcare Providers

18 +
Years of Experience

100 %
HIPAA Compliant

2 M
Claims processed

25 +

15 +

175 +
Certified & Experienced Professionals

Healthcare Denial Management Solutions
Healthcare Denial Management Solutions

No More Denial Headaches! Revolutionize Healthcare with Smart Denial Management

Stay more proactive and streamline denial management process with our cutting-edge denial management solution. By seamlessly integrating with your existing systems, our platform:

  • Slashes patient waiting times
    Streamlines non-medical administration
  • Boosts provider revenues
    Connects EMRs, patient engagement, and remote monitoring systems

The result? A consolidated healthcare ecosystem that:

  • Elevates care quality
    Maximizes provider profits
  • Eliminates payer bottlenecks

Embrace a solution that benefits everyone in the healthcare journey. Choose intelligent denial management today.

Analytics360: Make Healthcare Payments Work Better For You!

One Simple Tool for Successful Claims in Today's Digital Age

Our powerful dashboards help you:

  • Find money you're missing
    Make claim processing easier
    Track claims instantly
    Spot revenue trends
  • Get paid what they're owed
    Maximize workflow efficiency
    Cut out manual tasks
    Speed up payments

And much more.

A complete and unified suite of smart tools to understand your practice. Boost your practice’s profit with Analytics360, ensuring zero hassles.


Streamline Your Practice: Aegis' Comprehensive Medical Office Administration Solutions


Aegis' Revenue Cycle Workflow


Discover Why Aegis is Preferred by many Healthcare Provider Groups

AAPC Certified

100% Accuracy on Eligibility & Benefits Verification Data

Billing Review Call - Weekly

Recurring Billing Review Call - Weekly


95% Claim Payment within
2-6 weeks

Enhance Patient Care

Procedures Reminders to Enhance Patient Care

Coding Audit

100% Coding Audit by Certified Professionals before Claim Submission


15+ KPI Reports via Analytics360 AI Tool - Integrated with major EHRs


Periodic Medical Record Documentation Education to Providers

Analytics360 AI Tool

100% Transparency
Guaranteed via Analytics360 AI Tool

Payment Velocity

5-25 Days in Payment Velocity

In-person Meeting

In-person Meeting - Quarterly

Know what Healthcare Providers say about Aegis

There is no better way to know us, than by speaking with our Clients. Our Clients are our best reference!

Our AR is under control now. We appreciate Aegis in scheduling Weekly Billing Progress Call, which never skipped even for a single time.

Zayda M - Aegis
Dr. Williams
Provider & CEO at a Mental Health Office in FL

We are extremely happy with Aegis service. We are now able to focus on providing care than going after the unpaid claims.

Sandra M - Aegis
Sandra M
Office Manager at an Endocrinology Office in TX

I'm blessed to have a Scribe with Aegis. I'm now able to document the charts per the guidelines and I'm able to sign-off the charts right after seeing my patients.

Ms. McKelvin - Aegis
Ms. McKelvin
Provider at a Mental Health Center in MD
Certified Aegis Specialist
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Aegis Difference - Free Trial
Experience the Aegis Difference - Free Trial

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Here are a few of the EHRs/EMRs that we are integrated with,
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